Welcome to the Living Knowledge website. This site is part of a three year Australian Research Council (ARC) research project Indigenous knowledge and Western science pedagogy: a comparative approach. The project aims to determine the most effective ways of incorporating Indigenous knowledge within the NSW secondary school science curricula.

This project is dedicated to Dr R. Marika, the senior Indigenous consultant on this project. Dr R. Marika passed away whilst enjoying time with her family in 2008. Without her vision and knowledge, strengthened by her family, this project would not have been possible.

Project Themes

• Reconciliation and working together
• Indigenous people handling Indigenous knowledge
• Recognising the value, complexity and status of Indigenous knowledge traditions
• The possibilities and benefits of 'both' knowledge systems contributing to land and sea management
• a connected world

The Project aims to produce:

• Living Knowledge: Indigenous Knowledge in science education, a web site featuring a case study on Indigenous knowledge and online resources for teachers, students, researchers & interested others
• School and community-based workshops
• Academic and general papers/publications
• PhD thesis