Living Knowledge Project

The process

School-based writing teams
Each school established a writing team, comprising, for example, a School Principal, an Aboriginal Education Assistant, Head Science Teacher, Science Classroom Teacher, Aboriginal Elders, representatives from the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG), Aboriginal Student Support Parental Awareness (ASSPA) and other key agencies.

The roles of the writing teams members were:

The Science Teacher (qualified teacher) was responsible for:
• facilitating adequate community consultation
• maintaining clear communication
• overseeing the writing process
• reporting progress to the Aboriginal Studies Team and the School Principal.

The Aboriginal Education Assistant was responsible for:
• liaising with the coordinator, Aboriginal Elders, the AECG, ASSPA and community members
• contributing to the development of the sample unit/s of work.
Other writing team members were responsible for:
• providing input and feedback as appropriate, for example, curriculum content and local perspectives.