Living Knowledge Project

Community meetings

Community meeting at Vincentia High School

The development of Aboriginal community knowledge programs in NSW schools is different to that for other science programs. Aboriginal communities have ownership of Aboriginal community knowledge and associated teaching programs. Consultation with the Aboriginal community and Elders is an essential part of the planning and implementation of Aboriginal community knowledge programs. Decisions affecting the use of Aboriginal community knowledge must be made with consultation and approval by Aboriginal community members. Ensuring Aboriginal community knowledge is controlled and delivered locally to children ensures its maintenance for future generations. Positive and constructive collaboration between the school and local Aboriginal communities is a key reason for the success of such a program.

Endorsement by the local / regional Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) and school Aboriginal Student Support Parental Awareness (ASSPA) Committees is a key requirement for the grogram. This type of consultation with Aboriginal communities ensures protocols are followed and supports the commitment of the partnership between the NSW Department of Education and Training and The NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group.