Koori coast
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Graham Moore


So that house that you see at Oolong in Nowra, that’s where I was born. On the side shed, I’ve even seen where mum gave birth to me. Just a little, tiny place as big as this area here. Then I was taken from there when mum, well I was right to go, after a couple of days, lived in  this little shack. I found it when I was nineteen riding bikes. I found this old shack, overgrown. It brought back all these memories from when I was a kid. It’s just a blowout …, so it’s about 35 kilometres up the Shoalhaven. And that part of the river is called Uluuru, meaning ‘safe place’, in our language. It’s an old traditional camping ground. That’s on the passageway through up to Goulburn and back around … (Interviewer: And you called the people…?) Our people - Gurrungutti. That’s where I’m from, Gurrungutti, nunji gurrungutti, from Yuin people. And Yuin means ‘black people’ of this area, that’s what it really means, and it’s called and pronounced djuwin.