Koori coast

Culture camps

The Djuwin Women's Lore Council organises culture camps where women share and strengthen their knowledge.

At one of these camps, artist Cheryl Davison conducted a basket making workshop.


I knew that we had done basket weaving here but I didn’t know much about it … it turned out that the coil baskets are what people used to do here and so now we are re-learning our skills.

Lomandra is a good grass to use because it’s flexible, strong and flat. The Lomandra for the workshop comes from Jigamy [just north of Eden], which means ‘place of basket grass'.
Cheryl Davison

At a Djuwin Women's Lore Council Culture Camp, Trisha Ellis passes on some of her knowledge.

  This here is a burrawang, most of you know what women did with the burrawang, but for those of you who don’t I’ll tell you. A lot of old people, the Aboriginal people around here, because we used to have such a beautiful climate, or used to back then, they used to just stick two pieces of wood in the ground with a fork on top of them, piece of wood across, and then put sheets of bark down on one side, put on the ground paperbark or soft grasses – that’s what they slept on, covered themselves over with a couple of kangaroo skin cloaks and that’s heaven. Full Transcript