Koori coast

Walawaani njindiwan - Welcome everyone!

  Kerry Boyenga
Kerry Boyenga, Primary teacher
Photo: Daphne Nash
Kerry Boyenga and her brother Waine Donovan are Aboriginal teachers at Broulee Primary School where all students learn the Dhurga language.

The students are fully engaged – they love it, and they are learning about their culture as well as language. Kerry Boyenga

The local Koori community has been involved from the beginning with elders coming to the school and sharing their memories. Some words continue to be used in everyday conversation such as mirigaan (dog) and for body parts such as guri (ear).

Broulee Primary School and Vincentia High School are leading the way with their Dhurga language programs. View a Dhurga pronunciation and spelling guide here.

Dhurdga language school display
Dhurga language display at Broulee Primary School.
Photo: Daphne Nash