Dhuwa and Yirritja

Everything in the Yolŋu world view is made up of two moieties. One is Yirritja and the other one is Dhuwa. Dhuwa and Yirritja make up our world view. They are two halves of our holistic world view. Yirritja and Dhuwa fit together perfectly. Everything in Yirritja and Dhuwa is connected. Yirritja and Dhuwa people intermarry and everything in the land is either Yirritja or Dhuwa.
Dr R. Marika

Young Yirrkala community members welcome you to Yirrkala. They introduce themelves by their skin names and moiety.

Dhuwa welcome video
Yirritja welcome video

The whole of the Yolŋu universe is divided into two halves, or 'moieties' (The word moiety means 'half'). People, animals, plants, and even the different winds are either Dhuwa or Yirritja.