How do you say it?

Photo of Rarriwuy Marika
Rarriwuy Marika

Click on the play buttons below to hear the pronunciatons.

There are about 40 dialects of Yolŋu languages spoken in northeast Arnhem Land. Listen to some common words. Rarriwuy pronounces the word slowly the first time, then she says it as it would actually be spoken.

ŋ is pronounced as in sing.

Most digital fonts cannot display the tailend n, 'ŋ' character, so 'ng' is used in its place. This website trys to use 'ŋ' wherever possible.

Yolŋu word English translation/meaning
bäru crocodile
Dhuwa One of the Yolŋu moieties
djunuŋgayaŋu dugong
gamata sea grass
gapu water (generic)
gara fishing spear
gurtha fire (generic)
guya fish (generic)
maranydjalk stingray and shark
monuk gapu salt water
ŋäpaki Non-Aboriginal
raŋi beach
raypiny fresh (water)
yathiny sea anemone
yimanhdhi turtle
Yirritja moiety
Yirrkala place name
Yolŋu Aboriginal person