The Dugong hunters

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Painting: Gurtha at Dhakalmayi
Artist: Djambawa Marawili
Place: Yathikpa
Size: 257 x 74 cm
Moiety: Yirritja
Clan: Madarrpa


This story is about two men named Burrak and Munuminya. These two men were living together at Yathikpa on the beach. They decided to go bush and get balwurr (bush string) and gundarrpa (harpoon). Then they came back and sat down under the special tree named Madirriny where they made rope and harpoon.

After finishing, they saw Djunuŋgayangu (dugong) so they got into the miyangi (canoe) to go after the dugong. They speared Djunuŋgayangu and he swam through the fire. Djunuŋgayangu was burnt where the rock and fire is, but they didn't catch Djunuŋgayangu.

This story belongs to the Madarrpa clan at Yathikpa.

Story told by Djambawa Marawili. Adapted from Bäniyala Artworks, Exhibition catalogue by Buku-Larrŋgay Art and Cultural Centre. Printed by Yirrkala CEC Literature Production Centre.