Observing the seasons

In Yolŋu science we learn through observing the seasons, we see the changes in time... we see changes in the weather patterns. Through different seasons different food items are ready. Yolŋu don't just hunt for everything at once but they go according to the different seasons. Also Yolŋu sing about these different seasons... they observe and see and learn. For generations and generations these peoples have passed on this knowledge orally - it has never been written down. Dr R. Marika







The seasons are further defined by other seasonal indicators, such as flowering plants and water states. Yolŋu observe these changes in the environment to know when particular foods and resources are available.

View a northeast Arnhem Land seasonal calendar:
Yolŋu-matha version
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There are four main winds that partly define Yolŋu seasons:

Wind Direction Moiety
Luŋgurrma North Yirritja
Dhimurru/Bulunu East Dhuwa
dirriny South Yirritja
Bärra' West Dhuwa